Spiritual Session

Shivani Verma

Spiritual Session

BK Shivani is a practitioner of Rajyoga Meditation of the Brahma Kumaris. With a background in engineering, her ability to analyse deep rooted emotions like ego, stress, anger, fear, is empowering people to take personal responsibility of their thoughts and their consequences in their practical lives especially in the field of relationships. She has been sharing the spiritual concepts of the Brahma Kumaris on the TV programme 'Awakening With Brahma Kumaris', for the last 6 years.

She will be speaking on the topic “Holistic Healing” at 7:30 pm on 21 Feb,2014 in Hall A(Whistling Wuds).The talk will be followed by the Interactive question and answer session in which you can ask her about healing and helping individuals through spirituality.

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